211 Dwellings Plaza del Gas BILBAO

This was the firm’s first project, undertaken as winners of the Public Tender by Aguilar y Varona Arquitectos and Ines Hernandez Massobrio.

Defined as “of special interest” for the Villa de Bilbao, the significance of the project resides in the fact that recovers a deprived area by means of residential urban regeneration. It saw the creation of 211 Dwellings adjacent to and totally integrated with the existing properties with commercial premises, a large square, 950 garage parking spaces (a considerable number given their location next to the Bilbao Town Hall) and a multi-sports track. La Plaza del Gas became a new public meeting place in the city, full of bars and terraces, right in the centre, and successfully connected the high part of the city and Etxebarria Park with the River via the Square.

The project favoured social integration by re-housing seventy owners of dwellings and commercial properties. The integral regeneration of the zone was completed with the refurbishment of the facades and the treatment of the rear retaining walls of the buildings.