87 Dwellings Miribilla BILBAO

Recently finished, the Project comprises 87 dwellings with storage rooms, commercial premises and 139 garage parking spaces. The block lies in the Miribilla district, next to a large park. It is of an irregular shape and slopes considerably. The combination of facade blocks fragments the building, highlighting the corners and giving a sense of lightness.

The most significant element of the Project is its ENERGY EFFICIENCY, an architecture based on ECO-DESIGN in collaboration with Tecnalia. The dwellings have been awarded the “A” ENERGY RATING (the maximum) for dwellings, which contributes to an improved environment, and ensures greater comfort and quality in the dwelling, as well as lower energy bills.

ENERGY CONSUMPTION IS REDUCED BY 60%. The passive measures adopted based on bioclimatic design and enhanced covering, focus upon insulation, low emissivity glass, facade materials, optimal use of natural light and carpentry.

The active measures adopted, based on the efficiency of the systems and renewable energies, are founded on thermal solar energy, photovoltaic solar energy, the system of high performance communal heating and low CO2 emissions, the artificial lighting system uses leds in communal areas and efficient installations and electrical appliances