653 Dwellings Garellano BILBAO. J.V. RICHARD ROGERS

In 2007 Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners won the “Competition of Ideas for the Development of Garellano” for the transformation of an old army quarters. The proposal included the creation of a park around five new towers which were designed to permit adequate sunlight exposure.

In view of José Aguilar’s experience working for Simon Smithson on Terminal 4, Aguilar y Varona Arquitectos was nominated by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners before BILBAO Ría 2000 as a possible drafting team for the Special Plan for Urban Reform. This SPUR was finally drafted by LKS Arquitectura e Ingeniería.

Subsequently, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners and Agvar Arquitectos agreed to apply in collaboration with the Property Developer Jaureguizar for the development of 653 subsidized dwellings.

Agvar performed a study of distribution of housing storeys so as to optimize constructional use of the buildings proposed in the Master Plan along with a series of environmental proposals such as the application of photovoltaic facades.