4* Hotel + 37 Dwellings. Abandoibarra, BILBAO

The building serves as pinnacle to the “Ensanche”, listens carefully to the Guggenheim, and saves level differences with the “Ría”. In March 2013, Agvar in collaboration with Albisu & Pradell, won an open competition,  until December 2014,   a careful elaboration of a Masterplan (PEOU) had to deal with Urban Transformation of a site that belongs to two separate Planning areas.

The building acts as an “architectonic sail” over the river, bow facing the Museum. City pattern it’s extended from adjacent building, where terraces escalate height sheltering from the prevailing winds. The building combines a particular set of uses:  Hotel premises at the lower levels closer to the river; Dwellings in the upper ones, searching the sun and views; Retail at river level and 105 Parking spaces, with access from both street levels.

The 93 Room Four Start Hotel, arranges itself around a spacious, well connected atrium with open views to the Guggenheim. At Ground level a polifuncional space joints a fluid foyer, restaurant and cafeteria with theouter views grand terrace. Bellow Mazarredo´s level, river facing rooms share level with common premises such us saloons, kitchen & offices.  The rest servant’s spaces are placed within garage at lower levels.

The 37 top market dwellings at top levels have being designed with careful attention, optimizing the shape & geometry of the building. Lay back terraces allow for sun and quietness, achieving great comfort & energy shavings through Environmental design.