Development Master Plan ZAHA HADID 823 Dwellings Zorrotzaurre BILBAO

ZAHA HADID architects designed the Zorrotzaurre Master Plan. A Project which led Bilbao into 21st-century urban planning, a large-scale project, integral, balanced and sustainable. A previously deprived area was reclaimed to be converted into a neighbourhood with affordable housing, non-contaminating enterprise deployment areas, social and cultural facilities and recreational zones.

Over several years, Aguilar y Varona Arquitectos carried out various urban-planning studies with a view to a detailed understanding of certain aspects of the Master Plan such as analysis of current status, impact on the local skyline, sunlight study in the arrangement of lineal blocks and adaptation of the orientation of the Master Plan, development of dwelling storeys for optimization of ratio, impact of height upon stairways (double or not) and patio, impact of costs and development of different options for commercial premises.

Consideration is currently being given to the residential zone of the future island, ensuring its compatibility with the Master Plan, studying the proposed volumes and developing various residential projects (823 dwellings) in the quest for optimal use of space and maximum user comfort. We are in constant contact with the local residents in order that they might participate in the process of transforming their neighbourhood, incorporating their needs and demands into the processes of relocation and refurbishment of dwellings.