117 Social Housing Dwellings, Zorrotzaurre BILBAO

Agvar wins in collaboration with developer Jaureguizar an open competition by public developer Visesa in 2015e first three plots to be developed in the peninsula of Zorrozaurre, Bilbao. The development is form by a total of 360 dwellings in three different projects that maintain the spirit of Zaha Hadid´s Masterplan of 2007.

DB1 will hold 117 Social Housing Dwellings & 155 parking plots. The project is developed by two buildings 9 stories high over a commercial plinth. BIM is used to coordinate Architecture (Agvar)¸ engineering (Minteguia Bilbao), and MEP (LKS). The project is eco-design achieving the Highest Energy Certificate A. Site Construction will commence in 2017.