100 Dwellings Deusto BILBAO

Alongside the Universidad de Comercial de Deusto, former site of the famous Deusto vegetable gardens, with the accompanying urban disorder. Completed construction of 100 subsidized dwellings with storage rooms, commercial premises and 286 garage parking spaces, located on the Avenida Ramón y Cajal in Deusto.

This Project successfully addressed an extremely complex site and executive process. The starting point included adaptation to the needs of 46 relocated residents and retaining access by neighbouring property owners throughout the construction process. In architectural terms, the municipal requirements determined the volumes of the Building prior to construction. The combinations of volumes adjust and synthesize changes of level and setback by means of two materials used in the stone facade, whilst filling with light the space below the adjacent tower.

The principal contributions to the project were the utilization of a narrow side street to locate a new pedestrian and recreational space and the creation of a patio within the building acting as a communal space for the new neighbourhood and adding luminosity to the dwellings